Acyclovir should be taken as soon as possible after you notice the first symptoms, so it's only natural to have it at home ready to be taken when you need it most. You can make it happen as long as you know a reliable online pharmacy that offers this kind of services and can give you high quality Acyclovir with no prescription required and with all the quality guarantees you want. Our comparison page is there to help you make up your mind in a minute, as it contains only most reliable and carefully checked pharmacies offering Acyclovir for sale and any other drugs you may need at any point.

Acyclovir should be taken at the exact dose recommended, without taking more or less of it, or stopping the treatment before it's time. Acyclovir treatment should be started as soon as possible after the first signs of the infection are displayed (blisters, burning etc), because it will be most efficient then. It's important to remember that although Acyclovir helps to keep the symptoms under control, it does not cure the infection. The patient remains contagious when having sexual intercourse and should wear a condom (or make sure the condom is worn by the sexual partner). You can take Acyclovir with some food or without, but always in the same way.

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